Ironmaster Quick-Lock <b>Kettlebell</b> 57.5 lb Combo | Fitness Equipment

It is important to research which handle for your adjustable kettlebell is best, as that way you avoid disappointment and will get the most out of your kettlebell training…

Lifetime warranty, all metal construction; Includes QLKB Handle plus weight plates and locking screw up to 57.5 lbs; Comfortable and easy to control; Works with the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells. Ironmaster Quick-Lock ……Ironmaster Quick-Lock <b>Kettlebell</b> 57.5 lb Combo | Fitness Equipment

If you are still unsure about which handle is the best for you, the below related links should provide some further information to help you buying the correct handle. Good luck and enjoy your kettlebell training.

More Info about kettlestack adjustable kettlebell handle


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